A to Z with C.S. Lewis: S is for The Sexes

venus and marsYoung people are taught many damaging things in our great secular universities.  From Marxism to Freudianism, moral relativism to postmodern deconstruction, their heads are filled with insidious, anti-humanistic theories that, when carried out to their logical conclusion, cause chaos, confusion, and despair on both the social and personal level.

And yet, I would argue that the most damaging thing they are taught slips under the radar of most attentive parents.  Continue reading

Four Things You Should Know about the Pilgrims

This year, as we give thanks for the many blessings the Almighty has bestowed upon us, I thought it might be useful to have a little back-pocket history ready in case there is a lull in the table conversation at Grandma’s.

Here are four things every American should know about the Pilgrims:

1. America wasn’t the Pilgrims’ first choice.

What was their first choice?

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The Land That Snow Forgot

Snow-Scene (Nikki Bajda)

Snow-Scene (Nikki Bajda)

Well, winter is gearing up, and snowy scenes are making their way onto the news media and internet for one reason or another.  Here in Houston, the land that snow forgot, I forlornly expect another whiteless winter, though, yes, we may get a momentary flurry or two.

The great ambition of my childhood in San Antonio was to experience snow, and the thing actually happened a couple of times. When I moved to the east coast in my 20s, it took a while before the full pleasures of snow really began to soak in–sometimes literally. Having kids helped. So did home ownership. Nothing really compares to looking out one’s own picture window at a long, persevering snowfall whose gentle crescendo finally reveals itself in the plump accumulation on the ground below. Continue reading

Millennials: Five Reasons Why You’re Breaking Up with Obama

Chris Hammons:

And the young voters stayed home last night. I have a theory as to why.

Originally posted on Reflection and Choice:

Young love is fickle.  The great love affair between young Americans and the President is about to come to an end.   While the 2008 election was like the rush of hormones and giddiness that accompanies new romance, the 2012 election was more like that phase of a relationship where one person says to the other “It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I’m not IN love with you.”   Obama still won the youth vote in 2012 because codependence is part of the college experience and because Romney wasn’t sexy enough to be the “other guy. ”  That said, it’s still clear that the romance is gone.  The break-up is inevitable.

Here are five reasons why:

1.  The thrill is gone.  Candidate Obama was a novelty when he ran as a modern, bi-racial incarnation of JFK.  There was a mysticism about him that made him transcendent.  His life’s…

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