A to Z with C.S. Lewis: L is for Love

loveChristians are fond of declaring that “God is love,” and we are right to do so (1 John 4:16).  But what do we mean when we say God is love?  How could God have been love in that timeless time that preceded his creation of us and our world?  Before God spoke the universe into being, there was nothing to love, so how can we say that God is love?

In answer to this question, Lewis reminds us (Mere Christianity IV.4) that the Christian God is not radically singular (as he is in Islam) but exists as an eternal Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Continue reading

On Flying with Children


During the pre-boarding period for a flight from Heathrow to Houston, I couldn’t help but notice that there were more “pre-boarders” than “boarders.” The pre-boarding group was mostly composed of families with small children. “Families of small children” might be a more accurate term.

I kid you not—for every solitary traveler on my flight, there seemed to be family of forty-five, forty-three of them children. Even the captain made a point of announcing the obvious fact that there was an extraordinary number of children on board. All being transported to Houston.

A general boarder myself, I soon came to regard my delayed entry as a mark of specialness, peculiarity, eccentricity—dare I say privilege? One is an odd number.  Continue reading

“He Died at Eventide”

Burghardt informal

What an enchanting baby he was! He had warm olive skin and wide, thoughtful eyes, and there were glints of red-gold in the curly hair that his mother loved to kiss. He was exuberant. His smile could set the room aglow, and even his tears sparkled like dew chased away by the morning sun. Wherever he went, the tiny boy was the center of attention. His proud parents almost worshiped their firstborn. It did not seem possible that such a spritely boy could ever know even a moment’s illness. Continue reading


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