The Pro-Choice Crowd Celebrates a Birthday

This video was created by the Center for Reproductive Rights to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It’s quite possibly the most bizzarre thing that I’ve seen in so far in 2013. (I know, it’s only been three weeks.)

As I watched it the first time I thought that this must be some sort of spoof. It must be some subtle, yet tasteless, Pro-Life satire. I was wrong. It’s for real.

Abortion means that Americans are free to get sexy. Abortion means that men can approach women with the most lecherous intentions and not have to worry about the consequences. Nothing can stand between us now that we have abortion (hands slapping together suggestively).

Let me merely note that Mehcad Brooks looks and sounds like Hollywood’s stereotypical Satan. Now I’ll move on.

When Mehcad says, “from all of us,” gesturing in an empty room, I couldn’t help but imagine that he was talking about his aborted children who weren’t there. It’s all very macabre. What ever happened to the days of “Safe, legal, and rare”?

Recently Time Magazine, that bastion of liberal values, ran a story about how American public opinion has been steadily turning away from the Pro-Choice movement. Videos like this one will certainly not help their cause. Let’s hope they keep making outrageously out-of-touch videos. I don’t want to “celebrate” a 50th anniversary.

HT: First Things

UPDATE: 2/01/2013

Well, the center for reproductive rights finally got a clue and removed the video. But you can still watch it on Youtube here.

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11 responses to “The Pro-Choice Crowd Celebrates a Birthday”

  1. This video is the most repulsive thing I’ve ever seen. What an awful presence this guy emits. The fact that the proponents of this position feel that this video helps their cause is what is most disturbing. It is disturbing to imagine that anyone might find themselves aligned to this persona. The fact that it is not played as a farce frightens me more deeply than I can express.

  2. That video was the most repulsive and disgusting display of human waste I have ever had the misfortune to witness. I pray that man never has the opportunity to infect the populous with his distorted version of reality. Hopefully rational people will see that video as nothing more than a desperate grasping at straws from a group of radicals trying to cling to the sadistic strings that bind their murderous agenda together…for now. Good will triumph. God will triumph.

  3. Yes I immediately thought about how abortion was initially
    sold on the public as a necessary evil. The goal was for it to become rare. It was presumed that people would feel bad that they had to make this choice. My little theory is that the present generation has become so narcissistic they cannot bear to feel bad about anything. Necessary evil and safe but rare connotes some kind of judgment. Lord forbid anybody should feel guilty about anything nowadays.

  4. A really gross video that unwittingly reveals the truth – lustful men love Roe because it enables them to gratify their lust without the messy aftereffect of a child. And keeping Roe in place, with all the decision stands for, is the central form of solidarity they feel with women.

  5. I looked at the comments on the video on the Center for Reproductive Rights to see if any pro-choicers were defending the video. Not really. There were two half-hearted attempts out of the 82 comments I read. Mostly the pro-aborts were as outraged as we were. I’m surprised CRR hasn’t taken the video down.

  6. I can’t believe this is real. How can legalized abortion, as much as it IS obviously about sex, ever be considered ‘sexy’? Who ARE these people who advocate this message?

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