Tim Tebow in Wonderland


Tim Tebow New York Jets Jersey

World Magazine reports that Tim Tebow has cancelled his speaking engagement at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Tebow was supposed to bring a message of faith, hope, and love to the congregation, but it seems that he’ll have to avoid the church for now because the pastor has been branded a bigot.

Robert Jeffress is the church’s pastor, and he has received criticism for calling homosexuality a sin. According to World, the NFL is cracking down on intolerant statements by players regarding homosexuality, and Tebow decided to avoid Jeffress’s church because he couldn’t handle the controversy.

Tebow has always been a controversial figure who has never hesitated to share about his faith. If Tebow is afraid to appear at First Baptist Church Dallas, then the NFL must be applying significant pressure.

I won’t say that the NFL doesn’t have the right to curtail the speech of its employees because Tebow doesn’t have to work for them. I certainly wouldn’t want a coworker here at HBU to have the right to claim that Christianity is false with impunity.

But we’ve arrived at a sad place in America. Sometime in the last year the gatekeepers decided to get shocked when Christians sound like Christians. Suddenly it became newsworthy when a Christian said he opposed sin. Even more newsworthy became the idea that the Bible defines sin for the Christian. Shocking.

If Tebow wanted to profess Christ and preach a message of faith, hope, and love at a homosexual rally, now that would be newsworthy. That should cause a controversy. A young Christian athlete speaking at a big church? Expected. That the church opposes sin. Even more expected.

America continues to lose its mind, and I feel like Alice, who said, “But I don’t want to go among mad people.” To which our Cheshire world replies, “Oh, you can’t help that. We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” Maybe I can’t get out of this crazy world, but now I’ve got one more reason to ignore the NFL.

One response to “Tim Tebow in Wonderland”

  1. Yes, a sad state of affairs. I have grown up and lived with the constant caveat regarding religious persecution — “thank God we do not have it in the U.S.” — but it is becoming possible to imagine Americans now living being slapped up in prison for professing the full Gospel.

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