Red Carpet Madness

thCA5Y2RAPTonight is the big Oscar show and Kristen Chenoweth has been chatting it up with celebrities even though she is more talented than many she is interviewing.  This seems so wrong to me, as it seems wrong that Jennifer Hudson is interviewing stars like she is a silly teenager instead of an Oscar winner herself.  Can’t they find any entertainment journalists for this gig?  Guess not.

Anyway, I have learned a lot even before they have handed out one award.  Here are a few of those things:

1.)  I love Adele, but unless she is singing, I find her completely incomprehensible.

2.)  Anne Hathaway not only wears Tiffany jewelry, she is psychic.  She guesses the hidden artifact from the Smithsonian was Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz.  Do you think that was a set up?  Hmmmmmmmm.

3.)  George Clooney may win for producing Argo, but you know, he has already won in every category of life just for being George Clooney.  I. Just. Love. Him.  He flew all the way in from Berlin because he does not want to let his fans down.  I can respect a thoughtful celebrity like that.  Thank. You. George.

4.)  For Halle Berry, one word:  Geometric.

5.)  For Jennifer Aniston, one word:  Red.  Just like the carpet.

6.)  Daniel Day-Lewis is the most gracious red-carpet celebrity EVER.  #IhopehewinsIhopehewinsIhopehewins

7.)  I have no idea who the host is.  I have never seen or heard of him.  He just started and he totally reminds me of Bobby from The Brady Bunch.  Remember Bob Hope?  Johnny Carson?  Billy Crystal?  Have we come to this?  Why are the experts on entertainment responsible for the most boring show on the planet?

Okay I have left the Red Carpet, and am in the theater, and Jack Nicholson is still on the front row like he is every year.  He deserves it just for that scene in A Few Good Men when he yelled, “You can’t handle the truth!”

9.)  I just cannot take the guy from Star Trek and Priceline anymore. #someonepleasedosomething

10.)   The host is still talking…..I am actually begging for the awards to start…even the boring ones!!!

More maybe soon….but still pulling for Daniel Day-Lewis, No. Matter. What.

And a mid show thought:  I think John Travolta has had some Botox.  Or, Scientology really does work…..

10:40….French guy presenting award for best actress….I so have to see Silver Linings Playbook…I just saw her for one minute and I think she should win…..yay!  I was right.

10:45  Her Awesomeness Meryl Streep is getting ready to give the award for Best Actor to Daniel Day-Lewis that he so richly deserves……okay, that went how that should have gone.  Excellent.  See my previous post “Daniel Day-Lewis: An Olivier for Our Times” and it will explain how there is no way anyone else should have received this award….He. Is. So. Great.  Sometimes, awards shows are right.  And, Daniel Day-Lewis is wittier than the host.  Thank goodness.

5 responses

  1. Thank you so much for this update! I was on Season 3 of Downton Abbey and am suffering a serious loss.;( I am glad you followed this a posted this wonderful blog!! You are so good!!

  2. I loved DD-L’s acceptance speech so much. Especially the line about his wife having lived with some strange men over the years. I think I would have really enjoyed living with the “Last of the Mohicans” character, although the “My Left Foot” guy must have been inspiring as well.

    “Silver Linings Playbook” was the only movie I have seen. It was terrific (though a touch Raw) and I very rarely say that about movies. You should see it.

  3. I cannot BELIEVE I didn’t see the the Bobby Brady connection before you mentioned it! He is totally Bobby all-grown-up!! Here we are days later…I still haven’t seen the end of the Oscars. I. HATE. AT&T U-VERSE. Yes, I used the word HATE. The stupid DVR, stops recording on the hour, regardless of the show’s progress. You would think, in the technology-driven age, someone (other than TiVo) would’ve figured this out. I’ve been begging my hubby to switch back to TiVo for years…this past weekend’s epic fail at recording the Oscars just tipped the scales too far. I have to agree with most of the celebrity interviewers…they seem to only know what to say if they have a script in front of them. How is it that no one knows how to carry on a conversation anymore? Don’t they have “small talk” in their celebrity-circles? I’m glad DDL picked up the award for Best Actor; he truly is a gem in the acting world.

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