How Football Can Prepare You For Final Exams

The time between December first and December fifteenth can be a stressful one for college students of all levels.

For my freshmen, of whom I have few, this might be the first time you are taking a full round of college examinations.  Don’t let the feigned serenity of those sophomores fool you!  They are just play acting.  Feeling a little stressed, I assure you, is completely normal.

For my sophomores, I know that you will not let the advantage of experience dull your sharpness or your commitment to becoming a junior.

For my juniors, your exams are harder because you are juniors.  Otherwise, it would be super boring.  That is the price of the ticket!  But the rewards are well worth the feeling of accomplishment you can revel in once it is all over.

And for my seniors, I think you should watch this video over and over and apply it to your academics–even if it is the last term, the last class, the last day, and the final minutes of finals!

It is amazing what you can do in the very last moments…..

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