Downton Abbey: The Best of Times, and the Worst of Times

As I was on my This Is A New Year Get Off The Couch run this morning, in the beautiful 63 degree sunshine of Houston after that ice storm, I was thinking that if the writers of Downton Abbey couldn’t address the Anna/Bates problem, I would just indulge my guilty pleasure of pop music and forget Downton Abbey and watch The Grammies.

But then Daft Punk accepted their award in space masks.  And Katy Perry showed up in a Vampirella costume for some sort of Halloween dance to a song that didn’t seem evil or anything, but it sure was boring.



And then they started some kind of TRIBUTE to Chicago, the band, like they are old or something, and it took me a minute but then I realized Mr. Blurred Lines was singing a TRIBUTE, to, well, anyone, and so I decided maybe I wasn’t the target audience for the Grammy Awards anymore, and so forget them!  PBS is cool.  So.  There.

I was so traumatized by the SHOCKING events of last week, I could not even write about it……WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT as it got way too upsetting, and just when I was all ready to think about rising hemlines and hair jewelry….I mean, COME ON!!!

Thankfully, this week went better, mainly thanks to Maggie Smith, but in any case, here are a few highlights:

Lady Violet:  “Doesn’t your halo ever get too heavy?  It must be like wearing a tiara ALL DAY!”

Thomas on Anna:  “She’s incorruptible.  So we have nothing in common.”  I actually found this inspiring.

Tom: “Blah blah blah, America.  Blah blah, America.  In America, blah blah blah.” Clearly, his contract is running out.

Lady Violet:  “The only poet I know is Lord Byron, and we all know how that turned out….”  See kids?  You need to know your romantic poets…..

Mrs. Hughes, oh what a tangled web we weave–but you are good at it!  You know what you are doing!  Plus:  “At least if I am damned to all eternity, it is for some purpose.” Love. Her.

SOMEONE is stealing Lady Violet’s things!!!!  Call security!  That letter opener was from the King of Sweden!  Are you sure you didn’t leave it with the Gutenberg Bible at the big house?

Lady Mary:  “Let’s have a little party to cheer ourselves up.”  And, “Do you think I am a good parent?  Which one of those kids is mine?”

Edith sure needs a hobby besides waiting for a letter from her married boyfriend…..

Please let Alfred get into a better gig….. #givethehelpabreakwhydoncha

And can’t we all agree it was so great with Rose having the week off?  Why is she even on this show?

ORANGE JUICE for breakfast, why I never…….

And the absolute best:  Bates getting all Stephen Kingy at the end…..oh goodness.  I guess nothing really is over….

Until next week.

2 responses to “Downton Abbey: The Best of Times, and the Worst of Times”

  1. While I believe that comment is spam, I can’t help but agree 🙂

    Dare I say that Thomas is growing on me??

    Also, Edith at the doctor’s office? Is she pregnant? Can she move to Germany already? I can’t stand that girl.

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