“Downton Abbey”: The Delicious Addiction

Super excited that a version of this essay appeared in The Houston Chronicle today, 4 January 2015, just in time for the big Season 5 Premiere of Downton Abbey tonight….look for more essays of mine on Downton Abbey in the Gray Matters section of the online Houston Chronicle this spring–it is going to be a great season! Here is the linkhttp://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/The-Downton-abyss-5990632.php?t=4744c5025a&cmpid=twitter-premium via @HoustonChron

Reflection and Choice

81934241bAdmitting the problem is the first step. Except here is the thing:  I don’t want to get over this.  I just want the PBS miniseries “Downton Abbey” to go on and on forever.  I don’t want to recover.  I don’t want them to stop writing scripts.  Prequel, sequel, I don’t care.  Please: don’t let it stop. Sunday from 8-10, I am not available.  No. Matter. What.

Does it make it better if it is Masterpiece Theater on PBS?  If not, I don’t care.  I would watch it even if it was on that channel that has all those Housewives shows.  Once you see an episode, not much else matters. Sad. I don’t want an intervention.  I won’t cooperate.  I have lots of rationalizations at the ready.  Here are some of them:

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2 responses to ““Downton Abbey”: The Delicious Addiction”

  1. A suggestion for those empty weeks after this season ends: Borrow, rent or buy a copy of the 1991 BBC series “House of Eliot,” about two privileged British sisters left to fend for themselves when their wastrel father dies penniless. Three seasons, top-notch.

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