Free Lunches for Life…

Timely repost written a few years ago by Dr. Hammons…

Reflection and Choice

Ah Greece.  Birthplace of Western Civilization; Cradle of Democracy.  You did good for a few thousand years, but now it may be time for you to exit stage left from the very theater that you invented.  The Founders of America always looked to Greece as a model of all that was good about democracy, and all that was bad about democracy.  The bad usually outweighed the good, like the time you killed those generals because you didn’t like the calls they made on the battlefield (or sea, as the case was).  Or when you put Nicias, the only guy who didn’t want to go to war with Sparta, in charge of the war with Sparta.  That was great.  Or when you killed Socrates because he was, you know, a gadfly.

Democracy, they say, is the worst form of government, except for all the others.  After all,  it’s strange to argue that people…

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