Planned Parenthood Doctor Talks about Selling Body Parts

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.21.33 AM

It’s hard to imagine something more barbaric than killing the young, but Planned Parenthood seems to have been facilitating an evil that adds to the barbarity.

Not only does Planned Parenthood kill babies for money, but a new video indicates that Planned Parenthood clinics sell the body parts of aborted babies in order to maximize their profits.

In this video, a high-level Planned Parenthood doctor cavalierly discusses how she and others break the law in order to profit. She discusses how their lawyers have cautioned them about best handling this issue.

If these allegations prove true, people will lose their job and very likely go to jail.

But we need to resist the temptation to spin this as the actions of a few rogue doctors. This is a natural aspect of the inherent cruelty of the abortion industry.

If abortion really is about a woman’s choice over some lumps of cells in her own body, what’s wrong with selling tissue samples? Nothing. But we know in our guts this is wrong. We know it’s wrong because we know it’s a human being being dismembered and sold off.

America will condemn these actions. Let’s be consistent America. If it’s wrong to sell a twenty-week-old heart, it’s wrong to kill that twenty-week-old heart’s owner.

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