Planned Parenthood Isn’t Paid for Procurement Services if They only Get Paid for Useable Tissue

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.43.52 AM

The Center for Medical Progress has released the next installment of what promises to be a very damning series on Planned Parenthood.

This installment shows a high-level Planned Parenthood doctor haggling over how much her clinic should be compensated for collecting tissue.

Given the title of the video, the Center for Medical Progress obviously wants to draw attention to the coarse haggling over the bodies of dead babies. Of course this is disturbing, but I think a more important element comes to light in these videos.

Both parties assume that the clinic will only be compensated for useable, relatively intact tissue.

This assumption undermines Planned Parenthood’s assertion that this is a fee for procurement that covers the cost of staff and storage. Doesn’t the clinic incur costs with the procurement of unusable fetal tissue? Shouldn’t they expect to be compensated for those babies’ bodies, if indeed they are just being reimbursed for procurement?

Both parties know this is just semantics, and both parties know that money will only change hands when the baby’s body is relatively intact. This is a sale, and selling dead babies is against the law. Only getting paid for intact babies will also cause abortionists to alter their method, which is also against the law.

Abortion violates natural law by murdering defenseless children, but Planned Parenthood increasingly seems to be violating our current American laws regulating abortion so they can profit.

I’ve written further on the semantics of the abortion issue at Reformation21.

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