Two Lessons From The Latest Planned Parenthood Video

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Another week, another video exposing the horrors of abortion. This video features an interview with a medical technician who used to collect the babies’ organs for StemExpress. StemExpress is one of Planned Parenthood’s partners in the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood performs the abortion, and the StemExpress technician digs through the remains for intact samples.

In the video she tells how the clinic she worked with attempted to make sure she received good samples. She claims that they did this because they knew they would get paid more.

The end of the video is particularly gruesome. The actor involved in the sting and the abortionist look at a dismembered baby and discuss how much monetary compensation the clinic should expect.

I think there are two main lessons to take away from this video.

1. This video shows clearly that these babies’ organs are being harvested and sold. These aren’t procurement fees. The clinics agree that they should only be paid for useable tissue, which means they are not getting reimbursed for procurement. They also agree that if they can get better samples then they should get more money. We see this both in the sting video and the testimony from the ex-employee of StemExpress.

2. The truth about abortion can change people’s minds. This is a gruesome video. But it’s a gruesome video that people need to watch. Open heart-surgery is gross, and plenty of people don’t want to watch. They shouldn’t be made to watch something just because it’s gross. This video, however, is gruesome, which means that it’s gross and it also shows the immorality of the act. The wrongness is palpable. The medical technician wasn’t opposed to abortion when she took the job. She was like most Americans—oblivious to the reality. Once exposed to the reality, however, she eventually decided that she had to take a stand. America, as a nation, needs to be exposed to the reality of abortion. Those of us who are pro-life need to encourage our oblivious friends to take a look at the reality. The truth can change people’s minds.

It starts with acknowledging what has been going on. Defunding Planned Parenthood should be our next step. Prosecuting people who are guilty of breaking the law should probably happen. Eventually, I pray that we as a nation will put an end to this shameful chapter in our history by banning abortion completely.

Please watch the video and share with others. We need to acknowledge the ugliness before we can change.

One response to “Two Lessons From The Latest Planned Parenthood Video”

  1. Coming from the private, faith-based higher ed sector, I really just want to extend a thorough “thanks” for writing about this topic. Not many of us have wandered too close to the abortion issue in light of current events (or in light of our area of expertise, be it medical, communication, political, etc). I’m grateful to read this and hear an academic voice in the discussion. May our faith guide us, and may we step forward to call for more acknowledgement of what has happened to our society.

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