10 Commandments of the Internet Hobo


I love and frequent establishments with free wi-fi.  I can transform just about any place into an office in no time flat.  Starbucks, Barnes &Noble, or Panera may be the cliché paradigms for this, but there are other establishments with comfortable environments and available internet…and I am a sucker for eating breakfast out…especially anything involving biscuits or breakfast tacos.  So for me there is something refreshing and therapeutic and productive about setting up at Chick-fil-a, or Taco Cabana, or Rudy’s BBQ.  All of these places also have superb free-flowing Dr. Pepper on tap. Continue reading

How to Fake Studying Abroad

Backpackers spent $3 billion in Australia in the last financial year.The start of the fall semester is fast upon us.  As you look back over what you did this summer, you may feel a sense of unfulfilled desires: the task not done, the project not finished, the trip not taken.  You may also start resenting the stories of those whose summers have excelled your own.  In order for you not to feel excluded from the “What I did Last Summer” chest thumping, we offer this friendly guide on how to fake studying abroad.

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The Jones Hegelian Movie Hypothesis

HegelianDialectic1Every truly great idea has a birth narrative. This particular idea was conceived while I was departing the theater at the conclusion of the movie Pearl harbor… you remember, the one with Ben Affleck and that other guy… as I was walking to my car, I realized I had seen this movie before… twice… or more precisely, I had seen pieces of this movie in two previous places. Pearl Harbor should have been subtitled: Saving Private Titanic. And that’s when it hit me: Every movie is the Hegelian synthesis of two previous movies.

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Gettysburg at 150

confederate-prisonersJuly 1, 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, a 3 day battle of the American Civil War which has rightly been called on the most important battles in not just American but also World history.  On such an occasional, I think it appropriate to offer my thoughts on some interesting facts about the battle as well as its continued significance.

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