H-Town Diary: The Pathways of November

I know it seems like civilization is falling to pieces, and that we cannot agree on anything, and that uncertainty can fill up a little too much real estate in your head.

And that even though Houston seems far away from Paris and Beirut and Tel Aviv, that things are so terrible all over, and that perhaps more turmoil is heading our way.  It seems that chaos and pain are as close as a television, or a radio, because in a way, they are.

But sometimes, you can have an adventure, take a break from the debates in our heads, and allow the people who are doing good take center stage, distract you from the tragic, take your breath away.  Fate can lead you upward—it does not always bring you to your knees.

This is what happened to me, in November, when so much pain was in Paris, Beirut, Tel Aviv, well, all over.

So first of all, the weather sent us a message:  that it can be cloudless and sunny and 65 in November, a reminder that we can’t mess up everything here on earth.  Sometimes, things are gorgeous and fantastic and we haven’t done a thing to deserve it.  But we are grateful for the gift.

So I turned off the talking heads, turned off my radio, accepted an invitation to remember that while terrorists get so much press, there are quiet deeds going on all around us in Houston, Texas, America, and we need to make sure those get enough air time to sustain us, let us breathe. Continue reading

Two Lessons From The Latest Planned Parenthood Video

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.12.49 AM

Another week, another video exposing the horrors of abortion. This video features an interview with a medical technician who used to collect the babies’ organs for StemExpress. StemExpress is one of Planned Parenthood’s partners in the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood performs the abortion, and the StemExpress technician digs through the remains for intact samples.

In the video she tells how the clinic she worked with attempted to make sure she received good samples. She claims that they did this because they knew they would get paid more.

The end of the video is particularly gruesome. The actor involved in the sting and the abortionist look at a dismembered baby and discuss how much monetary compensation the clinic should expect.

I think there are two main lessons to take away from this video. Continue reading

Twelve Facebook Posts You Don’t Want to Make, But Have Already

Facebook-Thumbs-DownWhile Facebook posts number in the millions daily, they really boil down to only 12 different posts repeated over and over again. You’ve probably seen these posts before, or maybe been guilty of them yourself.  Here they are again, so you can recognize them when you see them!

The False Pride Post – The Facebook tendency to seek praise for yourself for the accomplishments of somebody else. “I’m so proud of my spouse for finishing that doctorate in molecular biology. She worked so hard.  I can’t believe we finished. Thank you all for your support.”  What exactly did you do?

The Humble Bragging Post – The effort to make a seemingly mundane comment that weakly camouflages the not so subtle statement that you really want to convey. “Just finished the most interesting book on the French Revolution. Fascinating period of history. Can’t wait to take in the sights after we leave this café.” Real meaning – “I’m in Paris, France.” Continue reading