Two Lessons From The Latest Planned Parenthood Video

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Another week, another video exposing the horrors of abortion. This video features an interview with a medical technician who used to collect the babies’ organs for StemExpress. StemExpress is one of Planned Parenthood’s partners in the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood performs the abortion, and the StemExpress technician digs through the remains for intact samples.

In the video she tells how the clinic she worked with attempted to make sure she received good samples. She claims that they did this because they knew they would get paid more.

The end of the video is particularly gruesome. The actor involved in the sting and the abortionist look at a dismembered baby and discuss how much monetary compensation the clinic should expect.

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Planned Parenthood Isn’t Paid for Procurement Services if They only Get Paid for Useable Tissue

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The Center for Medical Progress has released the next installment of what promises to be a very damning series on Planned Parenthood.

This installment shows a high-level Planned Parenthood doctor haggling over how much her clinic should be compensated for collecting tissue.

Given the title of the video, the Center for Medical Progress obviously wants to draw attention to the coarse haggling over the bodies of dead babies. Of course this is disturbing, but I think a more important element comes to light in these videos.

Both parties assume that the clinic will only be compensated for useable, relatively intact tissue.

This assumption undermines Planned Parenthood’s assertion that this is a fee for procurement that covers the cost of staff and storage. Doesn’t the clinic incur costs with the procurement of unusable fetal tissue? Shouldn’t they expect to be compensated for those babies’ bodies, if indeed they are just being reimbursed for procurement?

Both parties know this is just semantics, and both parties know that money will only change hands when the baby’s body is relatively intact. This is a sale, and selling dead babies is against the law. Only getting paid for intact babies will also cause abortionists to alter their method, which is also against the law.

Abortion violates natural law by murdering defenseless children, but Planned Parenthood increasingly seems to be violating our current American laws regulating abortion so they can profit.

I’ve written further on the semantics of the abortion issue at Reformation21.

Planned Parenthood Doctor Talks about Selling Body Parts

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It’s hard to imagine something more barbaric than killing the young, but Planned Parenthood seems to have been facilitating an evil that adds to the barbarity.

Not only does Planned Parenthood kill babies for money, but a new video indicates that Planned Parenthood clinics sell the body parts of aborted babies in order to maximize their profits.

In this video, a high-level Planned Parenthood doctor cavalierly discusses how she and others break the law in order to profit. She discusses how their lawyers have cautioned them about best handling this issue.

If these allegations prove true, people will lose their job and very likely go to jail.

But we need to resist the temptation to spin this as the actions of a few rogue doctors. This is a natural aspect of the inherent cruelty of the abortion industry.

If abortion really is about a woman’s choice over some lumps of cells in her own body, what’s wrong with selling tissue samples? Nothing. But we know in our guts this is wrong. We know it’s wrong because we know it’s a human being being dismembered and sold off.

America will condemn these actions. Let’s be consistent America. If it’s wrong to sell a twenty-week-old heart, it’s wrong to kill that twenty-week-old heart’s owner.

Laughing at the Death of our Republic


I’m glad that we can still laugh at the death of the American Republic.

The WSJ reports that everyone had a good chuckle at the Supreme Court this week during a discussion of the Affordable Care Act. The government lawyer derided Justice Alito’s suggestion that there would be no harm if the Court gutted the system of tax credits offered by the federal government.

“What about Congress?” asked Justice Scalia. “You really think Congress is just going to sit there while all these disastrous consequences ensue?”

“This Congress?” Mr. Verrilli replied. The audience erupted into laughter.

That’s right. No one, right or left, expects Congress to do anything.

That’s why the case hinges on whether the Obama administration can interpret a preposition “by” to mean “in.” Americans don’t trust Congress to pass thoughtful, well-crafted laws. We also don’t trust Congress to fix poorly worded laws after problems become apparent.

This situation reminds me a bit of where the Roman Republic found itself in the first century BC.

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