Usain Bolt and Achilles

Usain Bolt in celebration about 1 or 2 seconds...

Usain Bolt in celebration about 1 or 2 seconds after his 100m victory at Beijing Olympics 2008, breaking the world record. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usain Bolt has become a legend. He has won back-to-back Olympic gold in the 100 meters, the 200 meters, and the 4X100 relay. In addition to this accomplishment, Bolt holds the impossibly fast world record in the 100m of 9.63 seconds, making him the fastest man to have ever lived. Unless of course the stories about Achilles are actually true. Fleet-footed Achilles that legendary hero of the Iliad could run down anyone.

Besides speed, Bolt and Achilles have quite a bit in common. Both were self-proclaimed legends, supremely confident, and more than a little bit brash. As Bob Costas said last night, no one has a higher opinion of Usain Bolt than Usain Bolt. The same was true of Achilles. Continue reading