In the Shadow of Salvador Dalí in Spain

A land of good food, remarkable culture, and the siesta.

If you ever get the chance to go to Spain, just go.  Get there as fast as you can!

Several years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to give a guest lecture on public sphere theory at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in the heart of Madrid’s financial district.  I must tell you this is an awesome campus in an amazing city. It has approximately 1900 students from 90 different countries, so it is very cosmopolitan.  There is also a satellite campus in the ancient city of Segovia.  There, classrooms are built above and around archeological sites. The whole experience was simply extraordinary.

All guest faculty at IE in Madrid stay in the Residencia de Estudiantes.  This was the first cultural center of Spain and it has hosted a number of artistic and scientific scholars…including the painter Salvador Dali. All faculty members in residence eat meals together and gather in common areas to encourage dialogue between the arts and sciences.   Other scholars who have stayed there include Albert Einstein and Jose Ortega y Gasset. I was humbled to be in the shadow of such great minds. Continue reading

I’m With the Band

Last Saturday I went with some friends to see Sounds Under Radio, an Austin-based band whose songs have been featured in Spiderman 3, The Vampire Diaries, and even commercials for American Idol.

But the most important thing to me about this band is that the artist who plays lead guitar for them is Doug Wilson. He also happens to be my brother.

If you went into Rudyards, the Houston venue where they were playing, you would think that it was the most casual thing in the world for this band to be playing between a singer-songwriter named Joseph King from Brooklyn, and a band named Deep Ella, which has a lot of band members, including one with a jet black electric violin.  But let me tell you:  a lot of work has gone into Sounds Under Radio, a band that has been together for nine years, which for bands is a remarkably long time. Continue reading