Mr. Guillory Goes to Washington?

If you don’t know the name Elbert Guillory, you should.  He’s a senator in the Louisiana state legislature and the only African-American Republican in Louisiana since Reconstruction.  He’s always been a conservative, and tried being a Democrat for a while but felt abandoned over the party’s casual attitude toward African-Americans.  With the African-American community voting 93% for Obama in the last election, being a Republican isn’t an easy thing for Elbert Guillory.  He’s recently taken to social media to explain himself in a well-made and moving video.  It’s worth watching because his sense of conviction is refreshing and his country-lawyer mannerisms seem at odds with modern political packaging.  This isn’t a guy who’s going to deliver a speech in front of a White House façade fashioned by Brittany Spears’ set designer.  Is Senator Guillory headed to Washington? Continue reading