Kissed by a Dolphin in a Pirate Paradise

dolphinyawnHappy 2015 folks!  I hope ya’ll have a good one.  I can think of no better way of getting a new year off to a great start by ending the previous year with an adventure in Roatán, Honduras.

Roatán (aka The Big Island) is the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands which lie off of the coast of the mainland. It is well-known for its flora, fauna, and friendliness.  It is beautiful, with long white sand beaches and tropical plants galore. It also has an interesting history as being the safe harbour for the Dutch, English, and French pirates (or buccaneers) that raided cargo ships on their way to Spain during the European colonial period.  Included among them? Henry Morgan and John Coxen. In fact, pirate caves can still be found on the eastern end of the island.

While the scenery and history were very intriguing, my main focus was the fauna and friendliness nexus. Yes, this was another intercultural/interspecies communication experience. However, it is VERY different from the one in Malaysia that I discussed previouslyContinue reading