I am The Doctor. Who?

I’ve always felt like a time traveler in my own life.  It’s a weird condition.  Maybe there is name for it – temporal dysfunction, PTDO (present time deficit disorder), or chronos syndrome.   Whatever the official name, I’ve never felt like I was living at the right time.  It’s not that this time I am in is wrong, but rather I feel like I’m just visiting.  That this isn’t my time.    Does anybody else feel this way?

My condition manifests itself in different ways.  I sometimes become an observer of things that most people would pass by as mere background noise.  For instance, I’ll walk into a shopping mall and say to myself “If I was visiting from 1985, what would I notice.  What would stand out first?”  Then I notice the Star Trek communicators that everyone seem to carry and constantly engage with.  The flat, small tablet computers people read from in the coffee shops.  The animated graphics on the menu from which I order my lunch.  I notice the color of cars.   Fashion.  Hairstyles. Continue reading