Farewell to Blockbuster


Blockbuster is calling it quits.  That probably doesn’t mean anything to the Millennial Generation, born in a world of streaming video, Netflix, and Redbox.  For those us labeled as Generation X, however, Blockbuster represented a new birth of freedom.   The home video market liberated teens from the despotism of the cinema – with its high ticket prices, age restrictions, and price gouging at the concession stand.  Friday night was a night to grab a friend and head to the bright blue and yellow storefront to rent a few movies for the weekend.  It wasn’t unusual to rent three or four, though now I don’t know why.   I think it was just the novelty of being able to bring movies home.   You always wanted backups so if one movie wasn’t any good, you could just pop in another (“pop in” means the movie actually went into the VHS player as a giant tape cassette; there was no downloading or streaming option).

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