Obama and the Burden of American Constitutionalism



I’ve heard him say it more than twice now, and I’m starting to think there is something to it.  I’m not a paranoid conservative.  Nor do I hate liberals.  I prefer, like Reagan, to think my liberal friends merely suffer from some sort of mental illness.  But now I’ve heard the President say it on at least two occasions and it made my heart tick just a flash quicker, my head turn to the television, and my body freeze while I listened deeper into the meaning of his words.

On at least two occasions the President has used as an excuse for his inability to achieve his policy goals the fact that he isn’t an Emperor or Dictator.  He’s used both terms.  The implication of the argument is that if he were an Emperor or Dictator, he would be able to achieve all his campaign promises and policy goals.  All he needs, like Kirk from the bridge of the Enterprise, is more power. Continue reading