No News Is Good News

Jet Taking Off“News Flash: Eighty Thousand Airplanes Landed Safely Today.”  “News Flash: One Plane Crashed and Burned, Killing Everyone on Board.”

 And that, my friend explained, is the reason why almost all news is bad news.

 There is something reassuring in this notion.  For all the brokenness of the world, it is still the norm for things to go right, or at least to avoid implosion.  It’s the catastrophes that are headline worthy, whether of the crash-and-burn variety or the impending-doom type (global warming comes to mind).  There is, of course, the occasional cheerful report on the gradual recovery of consumer confidence or the decline in Houston’s overall crime rate.  Still, how many of us tune into the daily news expecting a rise in our serotonin levels?  If it’s good, it ain’t newsworthy. Continue reading