Keep Calm and Carry On; Or, Downton Abbey Returns

When men watch sports it is so funny:  they don’t mind when the announcers talk the whole time during the game giving their little opinions, but they get all irritated when I start talking.  Usually I am just asking an innocent question, like, “Why is a field goal only three points?”  Then I get “the look.”

Well, forget them.  They usually say really brilliant things, like, “We need some defense.”  Well, duh.

So I am going to redirect my talking to people who care, and I am going to do a little play by play of tonight’s first episode of Season 4 of Downton Abbey:

Hey, a baby is crying.  You have DOZENS of servants–someone get that baby!

A servant left.  Well, you should have paid her more.  Duh.  But she was mean.  Yay, she’s gone.  Good riddance!  Does that sound British?

Edith is helping.  She is going to place an ad.  Good for you Edith.

Lady Crawley looks awful.  I would too if that MATTHEW character person left because his contract ran out.  Is there no loyalty anymore?  His departure totally ruined my sticking with this program so these two could finally get married.  Thanks for nothing, Matthew person.

Oooooh!  Someone just told Maggie Smith that it is “a changing world.”  Brave guy! Continue reading