How Jesus Defined Marriage

I am a follower of Jesus.  I think you should be one too and would love to talk with you about it, but if you don’t want to talk about it, I still hope we can maintain our friendship.

I have grown up around the world, lived in a variety of places with a wide range of people from a whole host of backgrounds.  In all that time, I have learned how to understand and be understanding, how to love and share with people who see things different than me.

The reason I begin this way is because I want to give my view on a difficult issue of current cultural importance.   From the title of this blog, you know my topic.  I do not intend to answer all objections to traditional Christian views of sexuality.  I simply want to deal with one:  it has been said that Jesus does not mention homosexuality or gay marriage anywhere.  Such a statement is misleading.  For though Jesus never says the words “homosexuality” or “gay marriage,” he does give his definition of marriage.

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Rob Bell Would Make a Great Mormon

English: Rob Bell at the 2011 Time 100 gala.

I seem to be harping on Rob Bell lately (see here and here). If you’re tired of it, then be comforted. So am I. But I couldn’t pass up blogging about a bit of juxtaposition that I experienced today.

This morning I read that Bell had finally come out as supporting same-sex marriage. No real surprise there. Everything he’s said lately has been about the evolving nature of Christianity. Christianity needs to follow the culture, which isn’t actually what he says, of course. He says Christianity needs to follow God. I just think it’s funny that the secular culture knows where God is going better than the Church does.

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