Solving Mysteries; Or, A Night With Sherlock Holmes

sherlock-holmes1All month my head has been spinning with the constellation of scandals that won’t seem to go away. Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups for exclusion from tax-exempt status, the NSA and their lists, the eye-brow raising intrusions into journalists’ phone calls and emails, all of which make one think that certain freedoms from government intrusion are becoming something historic, while getting fully disclosed information from the government becomes almost impossible.  We have already forgotten Fast and Furious, because there is only room for so many simultaneously operative catastrophes.  After all, all we need is Hilary Clinton stating “What difference does it make now?” and the truth seems devalued, a messy inconvenience that can be tossed aside in the power plays of articulate politicians.  These scandals, no matter what side of the aisle you are on, are so disheartening that it makes most Americans just want to look for the exit.  These scandals are really not so different from one another:  they are all symptoms of some kind of common denominator that is part of the governmental status quo.  But it would take a detective of the highest order to figure out the ultimate truth:  does this administration think that they can hide various ill-conceived machinations, or do they just not have a handle on what they are doing, thus having almost every imaginable scenario spin out of control?  I know: it’s a tough call.  Just be glad you are not Jay Carney:  he is the lucky guy who gets to explain it all. Continue reading