Five Reasons Why Hillary is in Trouble

With the media swirl around Donald Trump and the other Republicans seeking their party’s nomination, it’s easy to overlook the contest for the Democratic nomination.  Sure, Hillary will win it, but it may be a closer and nastier contest than the coronation that many people (including her) expect.  Here are five reasons why Hillary’s nomination isn’t going to be the cakewalk it was supposed to be.

1.  She’s old.  I don’t mean old in human years, but old in terms of political shelf-life, and it will cost her with young voters.   The young are notoriously fickle when it comes to love and merchandising.  Music, clothing trends, social media sites, and boyfriends have a short run before they become “so five minutes ago.”  There is nothing novel about Hillary.  For most young voters (the 18-21 year old crowd), Hillary is an artifact of a decade that that barely remember, if at all.   Like the internet and cellphones, she’s always been around. She lacks the freshness and coolness of a Barack Obama in 2008.  Young voters tend to be attracted to what’s new, different, and fresh.  Call it the “Hipster Paradigm” of voting.   Hillary is an old brand; America on Line trying to rebrand itself as SnapChat.   If Hillary thinks she can count on the youth vote like Obama did in 2008, she better think again. Continue reading

Red or Blue, We Are All Winners

So my side didn’t win last night. That’s how elections go. All of us who vote are driven by some overriding priority that frames the election. For me, it’s a desire to limit the power and scope of the national government. I’m concerned about protecting the liberty of Americans from bureaucrats. Others voted on the basis of who they thought might create more jobs for our ailing economy. Others voted because they view the government as a legitimate source of public support. And some voted to maintain the historic nature of the Obama presidency; a referendum on history.

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A Red and Blue Map: Three Questions about the Electoral College

This morning I woke up and checked the latest poll numbers at Real Clear Politics. To my surprise, the polling data suggests that Romney currently leads in the hunt for electoral votes. Currently, Romney has 206 votes to Obama’s 201, with 131 toss ups. I found this quite surprising because even though Romney’s popularity had been increasing in recent weeks he hadn’t made much dent in the electoral count. In light of this surprising (and quite possibly brief) turn of events, let’s ponder the mysteries of the Electoral College.

1. What is the Electoral College? Our government’s official website says, “The Electoral College is a process, not a place.
The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise Continue reading