Cowboys, Indians and White Guilt

Don’t get me started on The Lone Ranger (better title: Tonto and the Dude)

Surely you’ve heard the latest social problem that really needs our immediate attention. The NFL Washington   Redskins are basking in some well-deserved glory because of their exceptional accomplishments on the field of  play. They’ve got a superstar quarterback both on and off the field. I’m very much biased and like many Baylor alums have become an instant Redskins fan. Let’s see what the Texans can do this year.

I’ve read a number of sports media critics who have decided that in order for all of us to feel better, the owner of the Washington Redskins needs to change the name of the team. “Redskins” is too degrading to Native Americans and should no longer be used as it perpetuates harmful and inaccurate stereotypes. You’ll remember similar efforts with high school, college and professional teams over the past decade or so.

The owner of the Redskins, Dan Snyder, said that they would NEVER change the name. The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, responded to these detractors from the media and even some members of Congress (who of course love to get on the latest bandwagon) with an open letter explaining how the name should be rightly interpreted in a positive light. Continue reading