I’m With the Band

Last Saturday I went with some friends to see Sounds Under Radio, an Austin-based band whose songs have been featured in Spiderman 3, The Vampire Diaries, and even commercials for American Idol.

But the most important thing to me about this band is that the artist who plays lead guitar for them is Doug Wilson. He also happens to be my brother.

If you went into Rudyards, the Houston venue where they were playing, you would think that it was the most casual thing in the world for this band to be playing between a singer-songwriter named Joseph King from Brooklyn, and a band named Deep Ella, which has a lot of band members, including one with a jet black electric violin.  But let me tell you:  a lot of work has gone into Sounds Under Radio, a band that has been together for nine years, which for bands is a remarkably long time. Continue reading