Top 10 Applause Lines from the State of the Union Address

obama2012-state-of-union-585According to the National Polling Foundation, here are the lines from the President’s State of the Union Address which received the longest sustained applause:

1.  “We honor hardworking Americans.  We always have.  Without small business owners, the entrepreneurs, and the rich, who would we demonize?  Heck, the moment the poor become successful, we Democrats are sunk.”

2.  “We need to realize that global warming is real.  It’s a fact, rooted in hard science.  Our planet is sick and over-heating.  For all you people in Atlanta and Houston stuck in Taco Bell overnight due to the freeze, I’m talking to you.”

3.  “I’ll direct my administration to create a new IRA for workers.  You see, we already spent your old IRA.  That was called Social Security.  And now we need a little bit more.  So we’ll create this new IRA, automatically sign everybody up, and spend that money too.”

4.  “We need to help the poor, which is why I’ll fight hard to increase the earned income tax credit.  You see, some people out there pay no taxes during tax time, and they feel left out of the whole tax season thing.  So, for those of you lucky enough to pay taxes, we take some of that money and sent it to those who don’t.  That way, nobody has to feel left out during tax time.” Continue reading