Hope, Change, and Honest Graft

obama-community-organizerPresident Obama’s election in 2008 was heralded as the start of a new American presidency. He was hyped as a man above partisanship, politics, and parochialism.  His campaign promised a more enlightened perspective from a man whose life’s story crossed racial, cultural, and even continental borders.   He was the novus homo of the American Presidency.

Except that he wasn’t.  Most of my liberal Democrat friends are now waking up to face the reality that the man who was going to make it all better isn’t all that.

It turns out that President Obama is not the global man of the 21st century everyone made him out to be.  To the contrary, the President comes to us from the 19th century.  And his worldview isn’t that of a global citizen but rather of a party boss from the streets of Chicago. Continue reading