Texas, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party

Common SenseSo, have you heard about Ted Cruz?  Apparently he is the most despised man in America.  Even his own party hates him.  The CNN text updates on my phone confirm this  daily.  You probably also know that Cruz is a darling of the Tea Party and Texans.  The two entities – the Tea Party and Texas – have almost become synonymous.  If you lived in Texas, you’d understand the natural alliance.

The Tea Party offshoot of the Republicans is really just the political manifestation of a mindset that has been present in Texas since its founding.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the “type” of people in the Tea Party.  Contrary to portrayal in the media, Tea Partiers aren’t angry, uneducated, racist mobs.  Several polls over the last few years indicate that they are better educated, wealthier, and more politically informed than the average citizen.  The movement attracts people because it operates largely on an emotional level, and one that is easy for people to understand.

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