Three Similarities between Thatcher and Obama

This week marks the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.  Leaders from all over the world will be in attendance, including our own.  Though the two never knew each other, never met, and were from different generations, President Obama and Prime Minister Thatcher share some common traits that make them more alike than most people know.

Like our own chief executive, Thatcher was a pioneering figure, serving as Britain’s first female Prime Minister.  For the tradition-bound British, a break from male leadership was as equally historic as our election of an African-American president.   While Thatcher’s selection as PM was sufficient to earn her a place in the history books, she would have been a footnote had her government been a terrible failure.  It was her success as economic emancipator of England which secured her place as the most important female political figure in English history, second only to the first Queen Elizabeth.   Continue reading