Tim Tebow: Moneyball vs. Blackball

tebowing-tebow I smell a rat.  As basketball season winds down, and baseball enters the dog days of summer, the hearts and minds of people everywhere turn to tailgating and the return of football. As I joined in longing for the rhythmic return of the autumnal member of the Holy Trinity of American Sports, I came across an article arguing that Tim Tebow has probably played his last down in the NFL.

Here are my thoughts on why I believe Tim Tebow is being blackballed.

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Tim Tebow in Wonderland


Tim Tebow New York Jets Jersey

World Magazine reports that Tim Tebow has cancelled his speaking engagement at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Tebow was supposed to bring a message of faith, hope, and love to the congregation, but it seems that he’ll have to avoid the church for now because the pastor has been branded a bigot.

Robert Jeffress is the church’s pastor, and he has received criticism for calling homosexuality a sin. According to World, the NFL is cracking down on intolerant statements by players regarding homosexuality, and Tebow decided to avoid Jeffress’s church because he couldn’t handle the controversy.

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