Et tu, U2?

OK. Take a deep breath. I NEVER EVER thought I would agree with Sharon Osborne (the British television talent competition judge and wife of Ozzy Osborne…of Black Sabbath fame) on anything. But now I find myself having to agree with her tweet about U2’s latest venture with Apple.  I’m just going to say it:  U2 has joined the ranks of those excellent musicians who have sold out completely to crass commercialism.  I hate it doubly because you may remember that I studied for my PhD in Ireland so I am an honorary Irish citizen so to speak.

Here is what she tweeted:

Sharon Osbourne tweet

I come to this opinion with a heavy heart.  You see I am one of the original U2 fans.  Continue reading

Gauging Your Online Importance

social mediaSocial media is one big junior high dance: Everyone alternating between being shy and outlandish, all in the desperate hope of getting notice.  And like the junior high dance, you slowly realize that a lot of people are looking to get noticed, but they aren’t noticing others.  They are trying to be heard but no one is listening to each other.  The myriad social media possibilities give us more ways than ever to broadcast ourselves.  We, like SETI, beam ourselves into a cold dark universe hoping for a response.  But how do we know if anyone is listening?  How can you tell if you are a big deal?  To help those looking for an answer to this questions, I have developed the following equations which I hope will help one gauge and clarify one’s place in the great chain of online being.
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The Gods of Social Media

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 1.03.20 PMThis morning I tumbled down a rabbit hole of divinely inspired social media. I always knew that I could connect with friends and acquaintances through Facebook and Twitter, but I hadn’t considered using those platforms to strengthen my connection to God. As it turns out the Internet offers ample opportunities to reach the divine.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, Facebook and Twitter are different genres. They’re both social media, but each has its own emphasis. Facebook helps you keep up with friends, while Twitter is the place for pithy commentary on the world. God obviously knows the difference between the two.

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Tweeting Ex Cathedra: Benedict XVI Joins Twitter

Well, it’s happened. The pope has a twitter account. As I write these words, Benedict XVI has been tweeting for about three hours, and already a million people follow him through eight different language accounts.

Benedict Tweets

Leaders in the hipster churches, the emerging churches, and the evangelical churches have been using twitter for years now. Continue reading