Music in the Digital Age; or Why My Walkman Was Better than Your iPod!

45-record-adapterMy little son was working on some Lego creation the other day, singing softly a song that sounded vaguely familiar.  I asked him what he was singing and he said he didn’t know, but he sang a little louder so I could hear the words.  It was the oddest thing to hear that song coming from his seven-year-old mouth.  It wasn’t an inappropriate song.  It was just one that I would have never thought to hear him sing.  Somehow from the background of the movie Cars 2, my son had picked out the melody and lyrics to “You Might Think I’m Crazy” from the Cars, circa 1984.  When I started singing along with him, his face looked even more incredulous than mine.

He asked how I knew the song and I told him it was a song from my youth.  We were able to find the song on iTunes and downloaded it for fun.  I was tempted to buy the entire “Cars Greatest Hits” album, but figured I had better things to spend my time and money on.  I’ve never been a music collector, even back in the days when collecting music actually meant collecting something tangible. I still have a small box of 45s in the closet somewhere.   Continue reading