Six Things to Love about February 2014

1.  Groundhog Day, 2 February.


My month started off hysterically.  I walked into my twelve-year old’s bedroom to make sure he was up for school and he was hiding under the covers with the iPad waiting to see if Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania had seen his shadow. Let me put it this way: Christopher believes the groundhog over the most seasoned meteorologist.  Anyway, we are apparently having six more weeks of winter.  I know this has been a cold, rough winter for much of the nation, but this Texas girl is thrilled.  That means six more weeks of cute winter clothes that I hardly get to wear anyway.  Plus, every time this day rolls around, I think of that movie with Bill Murray called “Groundhog Day,” and it makes me happy all over again.

2. The Olympics, Opening Ceremony and Events, starting 7 February.

I love the Olympics–and even though that fifth ring for the opening ceremony failed to open, I still was wowed by the whole spectacle, and you cannot help but love Team USA.

I can help loving those sweaters, but the team:  Love. Them. Continue reading