Thanks for the Memories

wwiThe National World War II Museum in New Orleans is worth the trip to the Big Easy. The beignets, muffalettas, and poboys are just lagniappe. This spring break, I took my children as part of a continuing endeavor to instill in them gratitude for the people who came before us and sacrificed greatly for the liberty we now take for granted.

There are numerous great things about this museum. It has a heavy dose of high-tech, touchable computer exhibits where you can learn about famous battles, Medal of Honor recipients, and vehicles of all types. My kids really enjoyed this (we spent about six hours in the Museum). The interactive nature appealed to their 21st century learning styles, and it made each exhibit more personal. One great exhibit was a large screen that posed strategic dilemmas that Allied leaders faced: Do we bomb military sites near civilian areas? Should Japanese-Americans be allowed to enlist? Should we drop “the bomb?” Then audience members are asked to make a decision using a mounted Ipad in the staging area. A giant screen shows the results for the day and the week based on how participants voted. This exercise actually spurred a conversation with my daughter about the use of the Atomic Bomb, the ethics of war, and the hard decisions that presidents make in war-time.

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